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After-School Clubs

Our After-School Clubs run every week day from 3:30pm-6pm, with the daily themed activities running between 3:40pm-4:40pm. Each day of the week has a different themed club which are assigned to a member of staff and a Mentor.Assisting with the After School Clubs allows our Jack Petchy Mentors a chance to shine and build leadership roles. The Mentors lead most of the activities and are supported by a Level 3 staff member. We also have some Mentors who are volunteering as part of their D of E awards!

The clubs aims to provide the Mini-Explorers with opportunities for learning, developing their skills, socialising and improving confidence. At 4:40pm the children all sit down together to break for their tea. Tea time provides a valuable opportunitiy for the Mini-Explorers to talk about their day, the activities they have done and what they would like to learn about and participate in further. The children discuss with each other their interests and home life and it creates a wonderful bonding experience. After tea time, the children can either continue with the club activities, other activities or they can have some free play time. Your Mini Explorer can be collected any time between 3:30pm-6pm. After-school club themes include Bushcraft, Natural Art, Cooking, Gardening and Sports Club!


Week Day


After School Club



Bushcraft - The Mini Explorers will have the opportunity to participate in more focused and extended bushcraft skills with Emma (Level 3). Emma is assisted by Mentor Tatiana to offer the children the chance to get more hands on with nature, challenge themselves, gain skills and further their confidence and understanding. We may have the next Ray Mears on our hands! Some Bushcraft activities the childen have done include lighting their own mini fires, toasting marshmallows, cooking over a larger fire, creating natural shelters, attempting to gather water from leaves, identify leaves and plants found in the garden and whittling sticks.                                              



Natural Art - Snip! Splat! Stick! It looks like the Mini-Explorers are getting creative in Art Club with Emma (Level 3) and Arty Mentor, Tatiana. The Mini Explorers will experiment with a variety of art styles and can proudly show off their creations to you at collection. Art club will usually be held outside and will include art in nature, such as creating 3D models with mud, mud painting, making their own playdough, leaf rubbings and making clay faces on the trees. It's time to get crafty and messy!



Cooking Something smells good! Our tasty Cooking Club can be held outside around the campfire or inside the preschool room. Emma (Level 3) and our Cooking Mentor, Ella, encourage the Mini-Explorers to assist with food preparation and cooking. The Mini-Explorers may chop fruits or vegetables, measure and weigh ingredients, mix and stir mixtures and of course, taste their yummy creations! Some of the many recipes the Mini-Explorers have tried and tasted, include omelettes, cupcakes, blackberry jam, pies, popcorn over the fire, vegetable soup and biscuits.



Drama - It's time to fuel imaginations! Drama club provides a great opportunity for Mini Explorers to socialise, build friendships, learn about emotions and explore their imaginations. Lesley (Level 3) will be assisted by Mentor Tatiana, who is currently studying drama. There will be books to re-enact, animals to act out, role-play, props to make, songs to learn and much more! The Mini Explorers can demonstrate their new skills on the outdoor stage area!



Sports - Let's go, Mini Explorers! Time to burn off that end of the week energy with a fun and energetic sports club! Sporty Mentor Owen will lead the club and encourage the Mini Explorers to get involved in some stimulating activities. As well as being involved in sporty elements, the children can discuss the effects of exercise on their bodies and which foods are good to sustain their energy. There will be climbing, jumping, swinging, running, hopping, obstacle courses, games and lots more!



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