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Online Learning Journals - Tapestry

Tapestry is an online learning journal designed to track children's progress whilst they are in an early years setting. ADO Mini Explorers Preschool uses Tapestry to complete EYFS observations for each child, create reports and update care diaries.

When your Mini Explorer starts with us, they will have a Tapestry profile created and you will be sent a parent-carer login to create a password. Once logged on, you can see the observations for your child and see their care diary, which will note nappy changes and nap times. The observations and photos/videos give you an insight in to what your Mini Explorer has been up to and how they are developing within the EYFS areas.

Tapestry provides two way communication and parents-carers can post photos and comments for their child's Key Worker to see. This fosters the bond between the home and preschool setting and is a great talking point for your child and their Key Worker.

Reasons why we have opted for online learning journals instead of paper scrapbook versions:

• Working parents are provided with a strong link to the preschool and can see visually on a daily basis what the children have been enjoying. They can log in at any time and see observations for their Mini Explorer.

• The preschool staff are given more time with the children and less time on paperwork and the upkeep of scrapbook learning journals.

• The journal clearly shows times and notes for nappy changes and nap times.

• The staff are able to record spontaneous moments in children’s learning easily and thoroughly through the video option.

• Children can partake in the learning journey process by viewing videos and pictures and occasionally taking photos themselves.


New Starters

New Mini Explorers will receive a daily post for the first six weeks whilst they are settling. Parents-carers will receive a quality call from a Preschool Manager within the first six weeks. As the Mini Explorer settles, daily posts will be replaced with full EYFS observations and next steps. Daily posts may still be issued if the team feel it is warranted. The number of observations which are completed is calculated by the number of days a child attends.


Children who attend 3 days or less

  • One full EYFS observation per week of attendance, linking to next steps
  • Optional group post by management
  • Daily posts if warranted


Children who attend 4-5 days

  • Two full EYFS observations per week of attendance, linking to next steps
  • Optional group post by management
  • Daily posts if warranted







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