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Sessions Plans

Child initiated play is of upmost importance to us; however we invite the children to partake in some adult initiated sessions to engage the children in new topics and challenges and extend their knowledge and development in different areas while following the EYFS outcomes. It is important to note that all children will be involved in planning for these topics to extend the children’s thought processes and to ensure that all children’s interests are catered for. 



Our current curriculum and all previous curriculums can be found in our online library HERE>.

Please note all activities surrounding festivals and celebrations are optional for all children and allow children to explore and learn about other faiths and different people within their own community. Any family members or carers who wish to be involved and help us to teach a particular festival or celebration, please advise your child's Key Worker.



Examples of Session Plans


Mini Beast Safari

The children go on a journey of discovery to the fascinating world of mini beasts! Stories and poems about mini beasts enthuse and inform the children about the topic, while mini beast small world and role play get their imaginations flowing. We go on mini beast adventures to the nursery garden and the local woodland using magnifying glasses and I.D sheets to discover who is lurking there. The children then create habitats and homes for the mini beasts, learning about their survival needs and how to take care of nature’s smallest creatures.  In addition the children take part in animal handling sessions with some of our local mini beast’s larger exotic cousins in our Animal Encounters!


Forest Fun 

The children learn about local nature and wildlife in our own grounds and with exciting visits to the nearby woodland. They experiment with taking risks while climbing trees and mathematical and scientific reasoning comes to life while building dens and swinging from ropes swings in the forest. Children learn to use their senses while playing a multitude of age appropriate games while exploring and questioning the surroundings at their own pace. The children begin to learn to use simple tools safely and with a trained adult as well as how to act around small fires (using a self-contained fire bucket).


Around the World

"All About Me"! Children are encouraged to explore the fiction and non-fiction sections of the ‘Cosy Corner’ to discover information from around the world. Children can share information about their own culture, bring in photos and items and use imaginative role play to tell the preschool all about their own little corner of the world. We discover all about our differences and similarities and our likes and dislikes using fun activities and sensory games and look to the natural world to discover who lives where and why! The children take part in Animal Encounters to look at animals from all over the world.   



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