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Dee Dee and The TunnelDee Dee Duck web

Dee Dee the Duck loves going to ADO Mini Explorers Preschool. She enjoys seeing all of her friends, going on Mini Beast hunts and playing with the sand.

But there is something Dee Dee is a little bit scared of – the forest tunnel. She thinks it looks a little too dark and scary, so she doesn’t go in there.

Her friend, Pippin the Panda, said that he loves to go through the tunnel as it is always an adventure! Pippin said he would go through the tunnel with Dee Dee so she could see how fun it is.

Pippin lead the way and they went on their first adventure together! There were lots of trees and they found snails, woodlice, saw a bird and discovered the rope swing! Dee Dee loved the rope swing and she had a great time whilst in the tunnel.

When Pippin and Dee Dee came out of the tunnel, Dee Dee told Pippin that she had an amazing time and actually the tunnel wasn’t scary at all. It was really fun!

Dee Dee loved going in the tunnel and she would pretend to go on a safari, try to find fairies, see how many bugs she could find and she always went on the rope swing! The tunnel became one of Dee Dee’s favourite things to do and there was always an adventure!



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