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Finn Makes FriendsFinn Penguin web

It was Finn the Penguin’s first day at ADO Mini Explorers Preschool. Finn felt a little bit nervous about his first day as he didn’t know what was there.

When Finn got to the play room, there were other children already playing with toys, magnifying glasses and puzzles. Finn got a book out and sat by himself and looked at the pictures. He felt too shy to join in with the other children’s games.

Dee Dee the Duck saw Finn reading by himself and she went to sit down next to him.

“Hi!” Dee Dee said. “Can I read that book with you?”

“Ok.” Said Finn.

Dee Dee started to read the book with Finn and she did funny voices for all the different people in the story.

Pippin the Panda came over and asked if he could also join in and read the story with Finn and Dee Dee.

“Ok.” Said Finn.

Pippin was very good at making funny animal noises for all the animals in the story!

Dee Dee and Pippin made Finn laugh lots with the funny story. After the story had finished, Dee Dee suggested they go outside and draw pictures on the floor with the chalk. They all ran outside together. Dee Dee drew a cow, Pippin drew a flower and Finn drew himself with his new friends.

Finn thanked Dee Dee and Pippin for being friendly and helping him to feel happy again. Finn loves coming to preschool and always looks forward to seeing his friends!




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