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Pippin Starts Preschool

Pippin PenguinPippin the Panda was a very adventurous bear and loved to explore. He liked to run around, jump in big puddles and eat messy jam sandwiches.

One morning, his mummy bear told him it was a very special day as it was his first day at ADO Mini Explorers Preschool! Pippin was very excited about going to play and meet new friends!

When Pippin got to the Preschool, he met the Mini Explorer staff and was shown the inside play room. He got to meet his new friends, played with some toys and looked at the Investigation Station.

 Once all of Pippin’s new friends had arrived and everyone had been to the toilet, it was nearly time to go outside. But first, everyone had to put on their special waterproof suits and welly boots.

 Pippin was a little unsure about the suit as he hadn’t worn it before. But once he looked at it and was told that it meant he could jump in puddles and mud and get wet and dirty, he decided he would try it. He saw all of his new friends putting on their suits, so he started to put on his. First it was the dungaree legs with the zip and Velcro top. Then he pulled on his welly boots, which were bright red, his favourite colour! Lastly, he put on the lovely, warm coat which he zipped up and he was ready to go outside!

 All the Mini Explorers had their amazing waterproof suits on and they went outside to explore! Pippin played with lots of water, he made mud pies in the Mud Kitchen and he ate his messy jam sandwiches at lunchtime.

 When it was time to go home, Pippin took his waterproof suit off and his clothes were still dry and clean! Pippin had a great time at Preschool and looked forward to coming back again.




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