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Preschool Clothing - What To WearDon't Forget Your Wellys

Mini Explorers is an outdoor preschool and we will go outside in all weathers! With the great British weather, who knows whether it will rain or shine! Appropriate clothing will mean your child gets the maximum enjoyment whatever the weather. We encourage all our children to get stuck in and more mud means more fun! However we understand that this will also mean more washing and damp clothes means less enjoyment! We therefore provide an extremely durable waterproof dungaree suit and coat for each child; these will remain at the nursery, ready for children to change into each morning.

In addition please ensure your child attends preschool dressed in suitable named clothing (that can get dirty without any fuss!).  In autumn and winter months, we advise no skirts or dresses. Sensible outdoor shoes are required i.e. trainers/canvas plimsoll style/outdoor boots or Wellies for wet weather. CROCS, flip flops or open toe sandals are not permitted as these are not suitable for our outdoor activities and adventure play equipment.

On colder days, please ensure the children have layers of clothing to retain their heat and keep them comfortable. We recommend that you provide your child with spare trousers and socks in case we are caught out by the rain. In hot weather please apply a long lasting suitable factor sun cream. If the weather is very warm, please be aware that we do forest sessions and it may be advisable to apply insect repellent. Longer shorts or leggings and short sleeve T-shirts as opposed to vest tops are recommended as this will provide some protection against sunburn or scratches.

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What is next? It is time to consider the clothing to support our outdoor dungaree and coat suits that we provide for our mini explorers.

Recommendations for Outdoor winter wear suitable for all outdoor winter sessions:

- Thermal base layer set - Secondary layer trousers (easy to pull on and off for toileting!) combined with a long sleeved top - Jumper layer (not too thick so can be worn as extra layer as needed and/or without our coat jackets in suitable weather) i.e. Regatta/ Mountain wear/Cotswold Outdoor/Didriksons/Helly Hansen - Winter Gloves, storm or ski gloves. Look for waterproof, insulated, breathable fabric. Mittens are not suitable as children need to be able to retain movement and use of fingers for activities.

- Gloves will need to be downgraded to suitable thinner ones in the warmer seasons, however waterproof is key for rainy seasons as we will still have outdoor sessions whatever the weather. Fingerless waterproof gloves can be great for warmer months

- Winter hats – Biggle style are great to keep the wind/rain off the neck and ears, however a warm thick beanie can be just as effective. Again hats will need downgrading for warmer months

- Socks – outdoor thermal hiking style socks from any good outdoor shop are highly recommended

- Footwear – waterproof outdoor boots are a very good option as opposed to wellies as they allow a firmer grip for running and climbing and are far warmer and more comfortable for feet than most wellies however some wellies with suitable thermal socks will also be fine as long as the wellies have a good grip

Some samples for winter gloves to consider: http://www.tog24.com/index-kids-milatex-gloves-storm.html

Good price value: http://www.cotswoldoutdoor.com/regatta-kids-arlie-waterproof-glove-c12i2384?id_colour=124 There are quite a lot of suitable gloves on this site which vary from high end range/price to this good value regatta pair, avoid any that only state windproof or knitted. Gloves with wrist straps are very useful as they allow them to be tightened with room for growth. It can prove difficult when children are still preschool age to get suitable gloves that are not too large so it is best if possible to try them on for size rather than order online!

Another site we use for outdoor clothing is http://nipperskipper.co.uk/

Parents/Carers: Please note, these are just recommendations and ideas from some of our collective experience leading outdoor sessions for children and we cannot guarantee any particular product. There is no pressure to buy any or all of these items, this information is intended only as some useful guidelines to help keep your children warm, dry and comfortable in our sessions.

Mini Explorers Checklist

• Any Required Medication (including allergy medication if needed)

• Packed Lunch

• Refillable Drink BottleDon't Forget A Drink

• Named Suitable Clothing

• Spare Trousers, Underwear and Socks

• Warm and thick slipper/walking Socks for indoor/tent sessions

• Named Hat/Cap

• Comfortable Trainers/ Outdoor Boots (Note: footwear can get very muddy!)

• Named Wellies or Waterproof Outdoor Boots



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