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Healthy Eating Menu

Health Eating at ADO Explorers

Variety and healthy foods are the key to fuelling a Mini-Explorer, so please take a look at our three week rotation menu below. The menu changes twice a year to offer a Winter and a Summer menu. Please contact the office on 020 8850 6778 if you require further information about the meals.


* Please note that slight adjustments may be made on the day depending on stock availability, seasonal fruit/vegetables or unforeseen circumstances. If an alternative is required, staff with try to make the alternative as similar to the planned meal as possible.


Week 1  - Weeks commencing 5th February, 26th February and 19th March.

Week 2 - Weeks commencing 19th February, 5th March and 26th March.

Week 3 - Weeks commencing 29th January and 12th March.

General - This shows meal times and an example of the typical food on offer. 



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