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Our Fees and Pricing

Our Preschool fees and pricing are based upon a session fee structure to be paid in advance. We have many options available for those wanting a flexible approach to early years child care, offering sessions throughout the day. For working parents we offer a Breakfast ClubAfter-School Club and a Full Long Day Session covering core working hours, allowing drop off on the way to work and pick-up on the way home. We also offer holiday club sessions at an alternative nearby Ofted site, so parents can still receive childcare for the majoirty of the year. We recognise many parents of younger children prefer to take time off with them during traditional half-terms and holidays and reciprocally there are those that still require child care during the school half-terms and holidays. As we run our own half-term and holiday clubs throughout the year, we programme some great activities during those times to cater for those wanting continued child care.


Prices and Options

Term Time Sessions

Payments are required in advance for half-termly or termly sessions. You can then register your child on to additional sessions during the half-terms or holidays at additional cost if required.



Our prices are discounted for those parents wishing to commit to longer hours. Our Full Long Day, including breakfast, lunch and afternoon tea, works out at just £5.50 per hour. Our discounts only apply to our sessions only where all the hours concerned are chargeable without government funding. Children aged 3 and 4 years (and some eligible 2 year olds) are entitled to 15 hours of early years education. Some parents may be eligible for the 30 hours of funded hours ffrom September 2017. Those parents applying for the free entitlement will not have the benefit of our discounted rates if topping up hours on top of their funded hours the same day. Any additional hours booked will be chargeable at a different rate, when topping up.

 Available Sessions  






 Morning Session (AM)

(9.30am - 12.30am) - 3 Hours Total @ £6 per Hour


Minimum Commitment of

2 Sessions per week *

3 & 4 year old funded sessions require a minimum of 5.5 hours per day

 Afternoon Session (PM)

(12.30pm - 3.30pm) - 3 Hours Total @ £6 per Hour


Minimum Commitment of

2 Sessions per week *

3 & 4 year old funded sessions require a minimum of 5.5 hours per day

 Short Day Session - Core School Hours

(9.30am - 3.30pm) - 6 Hours Total @ £5.50 per Hour



 Extended Morning Session including

Breakfast Club (8am - 9.30am)

Overall Time - (8am until 12.30pm) - 4.5 Hours @ £5.55


 Extended Afternoon Session including

After-School Club (3.30pm - 6pm)

Overall Time - (12.30pm - 6pm) - 5.5 Hours @ £5.50



 Extended Short Day-Core Hours Session including

Breakfast Club (8am - 9.30am)

Overall Time - (8am - 3.30pm) - 7.5 Hours @ £5.50



 Extended Short Day-Core Hours Session including

After School Club (3.30pm - 6pm)

Overall Time - (9.30am - 6pm) - 8.5 Hours @ £5.50



 Full Long Day Session including

Breakfast & After-School Club Full Care

Overall Time - (8am - 6pm) 10 Hours @ £5.50


Topping Up Fees -

Charged Per Hour if adding hours to your already funded hours within the same day.

  £6.00   Only Applies if Topping up your funded hours during the same day.


Please note that snacks and lunches are automatically included for parents paying privately. For those on funded hours, lunches are charged at £3 per day as an optional extra. 


To secure and confirm your registration, a deposit of £50 payment will be required in advance of enrolling, within 48 hours of your Handbook being received. Credit card and debit card details can be phoned through to the ADO office and online banking can be used to transfer fees using the bank details detailed in your handbook.
Please leave a reference of your child or children’s names on the transfer.



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