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Session TimesSession Times

The ADO Mini-Explorers runs 38 weeks a year with morning, afternoon, short day and full day sessions, with Breakfast Club and After School Club options.

Our sessions depend on availability and our morning only spaces are reserved for our two year old new starters to help them settle in.


Session Requirements

We require all Mini-Explorers to attend for a minimum of two sessions per week. This helps the children to feel more settled, build bonds with the staff and friendships with the other Mini Explorers. It also provides staff with more opportunities to record observations and work on next steps.

We reserve some morning only sessions for new starting 2 year olds to help them settle in.

Once a Mini Explorer is three years old, we require them to attend for a minimum of two 5.5 hour sessions per week.


Full Range of Sessions

We now offer a full range of sessions to suit working parents, guardians and carers from 8am in the morning to 6pm early evening.

 Morning AM Session 9.30am until 12.30pm
 Afternoon PM Session 12.30pm until 3.30pm
 Short Day Session includes Lunch 9.30am until 3.30pm
 Extended Morning AM Session includes Breakfast  8am until 12.30pm
 Extended Afternoon PM Session includes Light Tea 12.30pm until 6pm
 Extended Short Day AM Session includes Breakfast 8.00am until 3.30pm
 Extended Short Day PM Session includes Lunch and Light Tea 9.30am until 6pm
 Full Long Day Mini-Explorers includes Breakfast, Lunch and Light Tea  8am until 6pm

Session List Valid For School Year Starting September 2018

The Cost Of Lunches Is Inclusive For Private Fee Paying Customers. For Government Funded Customers, Lunches Cost An Additional £3 Per Day.


For a full list of our fees and pricing head over to our comprehensive list of options HERE>



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